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Download and print Angels for Life application

Online application

A corporate business donor program has been established for the Oncology Foundation of Maryland and the District of Columbia, called -- Angels for Life!

Contributors in this level will be considered as "FOUNDING DONORS." Through the Angels for Life Founding Donor program, the tax-deductible contributions made will provide the essential resources for both the long and short term work for the continuing effort of education and promotion of research and diagnosis of this dreaded disease that affects so many individuals.

The inspiration for the title of this program is the work that Caring Collections, LLC, has with area hospitals and the Cancer Foundation. It is a natural fit that the Oncology Foundation can both support the mission of Caring Collections, LLC, and fulfill its mission of education and outreach. Through this special collaboration with CARING COLLECTIONS, LLC, owner, Bobbie Burnett, all founding donors to the Oncology Foundation are provided with a unique gift in appreciation for their support.

Founding DonorDonation

Each donor receives a specially created gift from Caring Collections.

  • Benefactors receive a Commemorative Angel
  • Partners receive an Angel of Hope
  • Associate receive a Sanctuary Angel
  • Affiliates receive
  • Donors are provided with ongoing promotional opportunities
  • have a speaking role at all events

Corporate or business Logos are placed on the Oncology Foundation website according to designated levels

  • are promoted on the entrance display banner
  • acknowledged on signage and materials throughout the program
  • Can participate in the "In Memoriam" section on the OFMDC website and provide family member tributes

Download and print Angels for Life application

Online application